iCrochet Ewok Hats

My cousin’s son is just at the tender age of 2, and it’s the family’s goal that he grows up right.  So, to prepare him for his upcoming adolescence, we are exposing him to all the greats… Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel Comics and all things geeky.  Here is my latest contribution to his upbringing.


I think he really likes it.


iWatch The Dark Knight Rises.

Last night, I went to The Dark Knight Rises.  I thought it was a great finish to the trilogy, and it was a great story.  I’m not a film connoisseur by any means – for example, I cite Armageddon as one of my favourite movies – so I won’t go into details.  However, this was brought to my attention yesterday, and I thought I’d share.

If you’re one of the few that aren’t planning on seeing TDKR, here’s the movie in a nutshell.