iEat at Biff’s Bistro – Summerlicious Edition.

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of going to Biff’s Bistro with some very good friends for some great food and great stories.  This was my last Summerlicious meal for the season, and I was determined to end it with a bang!

House-cured atlantic salmon with mimosa, sauce verte & crème fraîche

Biff’s is another Oliver and Bonacini restaurant so once again, my expectations were high.  I started my meal with their house-cured atlantic salmon with mimosa, sauce verte and crème fraîche.  Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m absolutely a sucker for cured meats, especially fish!  Whenever I see it on the menu, I’m immediately drawn to it, and Saturday was no exception.  The salmon had such a great colour and a wonderful salty texture.  It was plump and delicious.  Part of me wished there was more crème fraîche to balance out some of the saltiness, but the dish overall was a treat.

$1 a Shuck

The best part of my meal was that I was with some of my other foodie friends.  It was no question as to whether or not we would also order a serving of freshly shucked oyesters – and at $1 a shuck it was a total win.  It was a nice little treat to accompany our meal.  I know this might be completely inappropriate, but the only thing that I wished was that I had a couple drops of Frank’s Red Hot to top it off with.  Sometimes that $#!& goes on everything.

Roasted pork tenderloin with Alsatian spätzle, boudin sausage, caramelized apples & calvados

Given the option, I usually order the fish when I go out, but I was drawn to the pork entree simply because I’d never had spätzle before and I really wanted to try it.  The entree consisted of roasted pork tenderloin with Alsatian spätzle, boudin sausage, caramelized apples & calvados.  The pork was wonderfully cooked and flavourful.  A great, hearty piece of meat.  The accompanying mustard was also delicious, and I believe it is also made in-house.  I was a little disappointed with the spätzle.  I obviously don’t have a basis for comparison, but I did find it a bit doughy and underseasoned.

For dessert, I ordered the cheese platter.  I don’t have an overly sweet tooth, so the cheese was a great alternative with slight sweet contrast in the artisan honey and fruit and nut loaf.  The cheese was nicely aged with a bite at the end.  The combination of the loaf, honey and cheese was just heaven.  The only thing that soured it slighly was that we had to wait a long time inbetween finishing our entree and receiving our dessert.  It wasn’t until we were obviously annoyed by the wait did our server come and check on us.  I completely understand that with Summerlicious, restaurants get a rush of people at a time, it would have been nice if our meal could have been wrapped up a little quicker.

I think the best way to determine if a Summerlicious restaurant is good or not is whether you would go back on a regular service night.  I would definitely like to return, because I can tell that Biff’s has more up their sleeves in addition to what we ate.  The atmosphere is classy but relaxed, and you’re sure to have a great time no matter how big your group is.

4 Front Street East
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5E 1G4



2 thoughts on “iEat at Biff’s Bistro – Summerlicious Edition.

  1. Was visting some family in Toronto, Feb 2010, they took me to Biffs (it was during winterlicious) had one of the best meals I’ve ever tried. Glad to see the place is still doing well 🙂 thank you for sharing!

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